Embroidered Narratives - Storytelling Through the Eye of the Needle
October 20, 2018
Presentation at the Winterthur Museum’s Needlework Conference, Embroidery: The Thread of History,
Winterthur, Delaware.

"Narratives of Nantucket"
March/April 2014

Nantucket Today Magazine
"Sometimes think of me: History at her fingertips"
July 2010

Nantucket Life
"Timeless Tapestries"
2008 Annual (PDF)

Nantucket Today Magazine
"Stitches In Time"
July 2006 (PDF)

Fiberarts Design Book Seven
Lark Publications, Asheville, North Carolina
Spring 2004 (PDF)

"Susan Boardman's Nantucket Embroidered Narratives"
July/August 2004 (PDF)